True knowledge is not attained by thinking. It is what you are; it is what you become. Sri Aurobindo & The Mother

In the Lite of Tarot : This  is a period  of new beginnings and a reminder that all things must end,you are feeling burdened by an ongoing commitment,remove yourself from this situation to be aware. Workwise, This is your best period don’t waste your time and precious energy doing nothing, just get on with work. Love life, something about the love situation you are in is not quite right, ask yourself a lot of questions accept reality.  Finances, in terms of money you may be facing disappointment, be careful not to beat yourself up try to think logically and rationally . Healthwise, your health situation may not be as good as you have hoped, don’t be afraid to call on all healing energies.Consider alternate healing methods as well.

TaroLite Numbers: 07/01/2019, 20/2, full of knowledge and the emotional moon brings you a day filled with love ,happiness and emotions with lots of instrospection.Avoid being over protective and scaristic.

Your Strengths: you are responsible loving self sacrificing protecting sympathetic and compassionate

Your Challenges: You overdo the protectiveness, you can become very anxious , worrisome, suspicious and unstable emotionally.

TaroLite Guidance: You don’t need to convert anyone else to your way of thinking. Give yourself time and space to find new answers.

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