Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.” —Dalai Lama

As a Capricorn born on January 10th, your loyalty, discipline and intelligence are amongst your most well known qualities. By far one of your strongest qualities is your ability apply whit and determination to all of your efforts.

In the Lite of Tarot : You need to be patient as this period is all about patience .You need to put your best in all situations,sometimes actions speak more than words. Workwise things will be positive ,chances are good that the outcome that you have been looking for will come your way .Be patient ,don’t push people around to get your work done. Love life if you are in a committed relationship ,then you need to be patient and give the opposite person sometime to think, about the relationship. Distract yourself if necessary and your beloved maybe back to you before you know it . Finances, things don’t seem to be moving well financially ,save money watch your spending habits ,again patients is called for. Healthwise take one moment at a time ,think positively and know that it may take a while to get  to the bottom of what is really happening . Youu need to keep patience, you only have yourself ,and only you can cure yourself well.

TaroLite Numbers :10/01/2019,14/5 the mighty sun and the adaptable Mercury play a role a leader in making with lots of changes.. Changes Should be accepted with open arms.

Your Strengths: You possess a gift for leadership, your means are generally gentle rather than overt display of power, you are unconventional idealistic and independent.

Your Challenges: You can be very stubborn, rigid and you tend to identify with your ideas and do not like them to be changed,
you can have a powerful ego, you get irritated and angry very easily.

TaroLite Guidance:  Get in touch with the joy inside you and then share it, the world needs the gifts that only you can offer .

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