Focus on your soul, your spirit and your blessings, instead of focusing on what you are up against. ~Another U

As a Capricorn born on January 12th, your quick mind, discipline and loyalty are amongst your most defining qualities. You have a very active mind, which you have used to become an effective communicator. Once you have opened yourself to another person, you display loyalty and commitment.

In the Lite of Tarot: This  period is full of good energy and expect only the best to happen, do not only look at your material abundance but also at your inner self and spirituality . Workwise, if you’re looking for a position in the workplace, you may expect a change for the better .Love life, this is an excellent omen regarding love, if you are in a committed relationship it will go to another level of joy and intimacy. Finances, your financial cycle is likely to improve, perhaps beyond your wildest dreams. Work hard and you will be rewarded. Health wise, start as positive as you can, your in good health.

TaroLite Numbers: 12/01/2019, adds to 16/7, the creative Jupiter and the knowledgeable Neptune gives you abundance in creativity and knowledge. Finish your work don’t leave unfinished tasks.

Your Strengths: Imaginative ,expressive communicators and artists, your talented jovial, youthful and dynamic.

Your Challenges:  You are extravagant and prone to complaining, intolerance, you can be an  hypocrate and very  impatient.

Tarot light Guidance You will benefit a lot if you read spiritual books and take steps to make yourself happy ,be open about receiving and you will benefit.

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