Have Faith…and you will Fly…

As a Gemini born on 23rd of may you feel most alive when surrounded by others, you embrace words with excitement and energy in a way that few others can duplicate you. Your genuine interest is communication which draws a lot of people to you.

In the Lite of Tarot : The important thing to remember is that there is always help available ,,so when you need help kindly ask for it do the best you can with what you have. Work wise you can be either burdensome or non existing and you may be feeling stuck, you don’t have to do everything on your own things will get better have faith in yourself . Love life… you may be feeling that you are left out, when love is right you don’t have to do back flips, to make it work broaden your horizons and try hard to think positive . Financially you may be feeling that “All Is Lost” with regard to money, reconsider things ,skills in situations that you may have dismissed. Take a deep breath you are not alone, and be thankful for what you have. Health wise, due to unnecessary stress you may be blowing small health issues out of proportion do not worry take care of yourself ,meditation and relaxation is the key to improving your health.

TaroLite Numbers : 23/05/2018 which adds up to 21/3 which means planet Mercury (2+3 = 5) and planet Jupiter are at play a day full of change, creativity, fun social gatherings..

Your Strengths : You love change, excitement and need both to feel truly alive. You are highly adaptable and you have very good verbal and writing skills , you can become an excellent editor ,sales person or a right time .You are very affectionate and sensitive and very versatile as well.

You Challenges : You can shirk responsibility, you have the gift of the gab, you have the tendency of scattering your energies and you need to be disciplined in order to make your life successful.

TaroLite Guidance: Remind yourself of the reality that nothing lasts forever, particularly if you are having a difficult time or a difficult situation . Have faith that things will get better because they will get better.

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Wish Full… Thinking

Gemini born on May 22nd ,your personality is dominated by an interest in others and your talents are found in an innate ability to communicate. These qualities make you the “life of the party” and a very favourable companion to friends. Conversation is an important part of your being that you may feel lost or incomplete if you are deprived for too long.

In the Lite of Tarot: it is all too easy to overlook what we already have in the pursuit of what we don’t have, be sure that you are counting your blessings don’t spend too much time in self pity wishing your life away, put your focus on the things and people in your life that you have to be thankful for. Work wise you may not like your job very much but at least it keeps food on the table, be thankful that you are not one of them who do not have anything to eat at the end of the day .Love life …look at yourself as to whether you are being realistic with regards to love. Finances ,focus on your strengths if you are not where you want to be financially make specific goals and plans about where you need to work hard. Health wise focus on the positive if you are having physical problems remember that things do not always have to be the way they are right now.

TaroLite Numbers: 22/05/2018 which adds up to 38/11 (A Master Number ) which means ,we are ruled by two masters numbers(22 and 11 ) planet Uranus ( 2+2=4) and planet Moon are at play be ready for a day full of Spirituality,emotional swings ,achievements and materialistic gains.

Your Strengths: You are able to turn lofty dreams into reality you are confident, pragmatic, ambitious and disciplined.

Your Challenges: Impracticality and self imposed pressure can get the better out of you, you can be very shy at times which takes you away from necessary opportunities.

Tarot Lite Guidance: Wishful thinking can take its toll on the aspect of life as when we are caught up in” poor me “thinking or ‘I wish things were different” it tends to build as to the beauty of what is in our lives ,you need to keep yourself grounded in the present moment and be grateful for everything and every day of your life. Gratitude is the key word.

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Do’s and Dont’s This Summer

I have rounded up the Do’s and Dont’s to …Make your Summer Safe and Cool ,


•Make Sure you always remove your make up before going to bed. Sleep is very important if you don’t get enough sleep your skin starts getting tired , like the way you do ,it will start sagging.

•Exfoliate your skin to remove the dead layers of skin, it helps remove the dirt and promote radiant skin.

•A Life time of sun exposure can cause wrinkles, skin problems, age spots make sure you apply Sunscreen with SPF 15 to 30.

•Sunscreen is important to protect your skin from the Sun but, wearing Sunglasses can protect your eyes and they look glamorous as well, get Shades (Sunglasses) with 100% UVA or UVB protection.

•Keep a note of what you are eating ,eat fresh fruits ,greens, sufficient proteins and vitamins, diet rich in vitamin C and low fat and sugar would help you have a radiant skin allowing the cells to maintain a healthy balance.

•Exercise regularly yoga, jogging, walking would give your body the necessary blood circulation that is required to accelerate the cleansing process of your entire body.

• Your lips should be taken well care of in case they are getting chapped do not forget to moisturise them well with a lip balm which has SPF 15 or even a little greater SPF to protect the lips from sunburn.

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•Skip skin care before workout, do not forget to apply toner to your face before you head to the gym or for a walk because it will minimise the oil production on your skin, apply enough cream and moisturise the skin well after a bath.

.Forget to wash your face before you go to bed , do not forget to remove the makeup or moisturiser before you go to bed your skin needs to breathe.

.Rub your skin too hard when you wash your face or exfoliate it remember it will irritate your skin which might lead to rashes.

•Don’t eat spicy food, citrus fruits and fried food

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And Don’t forget to Hydrate yourself,Summer makes you dehydrate faster ,so keep that bottle close and keep sipping water.

DON’T forget to wear that SMILE …on your pretty face before you go out because no amounts of Do’s and Dont’s will help you look prettier…


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If you have to be in Harmony …You will have to be One..

As a Gemini born on 21st May, you experience the world outwardly and are energised by people, you are rarely at a loss for words and you commonly enhance the social experiences of those around you .Conversation is your most comfortable work space and words are your favourite tool.

In the Lite of Tarot: Although there is an element of sorrow that is undeniable when you are in a situation, what lies on the other side of this sorrow can be enhanced understanding and joy, allow yourself to fully experience any sorrow or pain that comes up now so that you can move beyond it . However attention must be paid to balance yourself, you do not and should not wallow in grief or sorry for long, however only you can decide how long is long enough others cannot decide for you. Work wise try to keep your work perspective in mind and do your work professionally. You may need some kind of assistance it is better to speak to your manager about the same, don’t hesitate to ask for help . Love life in order for your relationship to survive both parties must be willing to work on and talk about the relationship you may find that someone you thought cares about you is not as loving as you had supposed, you cannot force something to be right or someone to care if they do not so speak ,to make it happen. Unfortunately when it comes to money you may have disappointing news , look at your situation try and figure out what you are going to do about it ,take one step at a time do not let your pride prevent you from asking for financial assistance .Health wise the news about your health may not be as good as you had hoped for emotions depression anxiety may be taking a toll on your physical being remember that doctors are not God’s ,treat yourself with loving kindness if you need help to stay positive ask for it surround yourself with healthy positive influences to the best of your ability.

TaroLite Numbers:21/05/2018 which adds up to 19/1 which means planet Jupiter (2+1=3) and planet Sun is at play, be ready for a day full of creativity , be careful with your words and yes make your day bright by taking charge of situations.

Your Strengths: You are highly creative with a strong will to succeed, your imagination is highly charged, you are quick witted and can think on your feet, you are talented in writing and verbal skills ,you are charismatic and very attractive and you are inspiring and enthusiastic.

Your Challenges: You need to ground and focus your energy levels deeply, you must develop your talents and yourself in order to make the most of your life .You can be nervous and even given to Paranoia .

TaroLite Guidance : This is not a time to hold onto things. Make room in your life for new things to come ,time alone will be helpful the answer you seek is within you ,although you may need help to bring these answers to the surface talk with someone you trust.

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Be more Compassionate…Less Judgemental.

Being a Tarus born on 19th of May your personality is defined by discipline and loyalty you are loved and appreciated by your loved ones because of your loyal nature you are hardworking and your discipline is tough to match.

In the Lite of Tarot: This is a great time to take a vacation and experience different things ,this time is all about vitality freedom.However you need to focus on what is truly important in life, this is a good time to socialise to meet new people and to get out and about. Work wise if you are looking for a new job it is just right around the corner ,it’s important no matter what happens to keep your ego under control ,your work is stable and moving towards new opportunities and improvements .Love life.. this is a time when both ,you and your partner maybe in more than usual need of space .If you are looking for love then it could definitely be on the Horizon for you .Finances ,money is likely to be much better than usual still hold on to some for unexpected expenses. Health wise ,your health and feelings of well being should be at a high point if you look back you are likely to find that your attitude has been more positive of late , this can directly affect how well your body works for you ,figure out what you have been doing well and build upon it.

TaroLite Numbers: 19/05/2018 which adds upto 17/8 which means planet Sun (1+9=10) and planet Saturn are at play be ready for a day full of abundance ,work, pleasure and joy all in all a bright Sunny day…

Your Strengths: You are highly determined and independent , you are very ambitious and have a strong drive for success and power, you have deep commitment to your work and you are willing to take risk to get what you desire.

Your Challenges: You can become bitter and negative ,you are very sensitive and are highly idealistic always willing to sacrifice for others , you tend to find yourself in traumatic situations.

TaroLite Guidance: This is a time where you need to be different . You need to see the spiritual side of your life as well. There is a great deal of beauty joy and happiness to be found in this life ,if you are looking hard enough and in the right places you will do it just right .Spread this very important message of loving oneself.


This Summer ..The Makeup is not going to Move…

My love for makeup and grooming started when I was young, and soon it became my profession, when hobby becomes your profession I guess the journey is easy, beautiful and full of joy. Today nearly after about 3 to 4 years I am writing about my favourite topic Make- up and grooming .These years when I was away from makeup and grooming, I was into self-healing and eventually became a channel to help others heal. My Life is only been very beautiful and full of colours ever since then …Today as I write my first blog on Makeup tips and grooming I am really overwhelmed.

Since the summer is at its peak so make up should be at its Peak best also. We ladies always have an issue with make up getting smudged with sweat and then we end up wiping it off or just not applying it at all.
A few summer make up tips

Let’s start … with an Oil free moisturiser so that it keeps your skin hydrated for the entire day, you can look for a moisturiser that says Oil Free or non comedogenic this does not clog your pores. An oil free moisturiser should be used even if you don’t have an oily skin.

You will find plenty cosmetics with added SPF now days , but wearing a sunscreen under your foundation will prevent your skin from damage. Select an oil free sunscreen with SPF 30 before you wear your foundation apply it.

Select Liquid or gel based oil free products because cream based products could become uncomfortable and feel heavy and greasy, you can use blemish balm or blemish base (BB cream as we call it) . Keep the makeup light as possible cause make up tends to move around when it’s hot. With make up being light you feel lighter, it lasts longer and gives you the same look.

Select water resistant or water proof make up, and remove it when you’re done with Oil –free cleanser of a high quality.

Do not use cream based eye shadows and blushers, instead use powder based ones .Lipsticks keep them light ,lip balms are also a good option .Avoid layering of concealer and powder .Use a translucent powder to set the makeup right. Skip shimmers, highlighters and contouring. The fewer the products on you face the better it is.

Keep blotting paper handy in purse to keep oil and sweat away instead of piling your face with make up .

Make up feels lovely when used properly and when carried with ease. Keep watching this space for more such tips on Skin and Hair as well.

Love you all keep following .The WOW Lady….

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Best way to be Grounded…Sit In Silence….

As a Taurus born on 18th of may you are well known for your patient and loyal nature ,while others are quick to express their frustrations you prefer to understand and then patiently deal with the problem ,you are extremely loyal and devoted to all your loved ones it is your most admirable quality.

In the Lite of Tarot : Look closely at what you are worried about try not to blame people or situations for the way you are feeling, you will need to guard against the feeling of anxiety ,take a good look at that and see whether or not something in the relationship can be changed to make it more workable for you be it in any relationship, partnership, personal ,professional anything. Work-wise worrying about your job is not going to help matters focus on what you can control and try to leave your anxiety aside .Love life… something maybe troubling you with regard to your relationship don’t ignore your gut feelings, if you suspect that something is going wrong it is best to ask your partner about it ,trust takes time to develop don’t be in too much of a hurry .Financially you maybe not very sturdy don’t bother too much about it, things will become ok, stay away from gambling or buying anything that is very expensive and not needed at this moment. Health wise be cautious about your intake of substances ,it can be alcohol ,cigarettes, drugs anything. If possible look into your lifestyle and change things,it will be better for you if you can deal with your stress levels as soon as possible.

TaroLite Numbers: 18/05/2018 which adds up to 25/7 which means planet Mars (1+8 = 9) and planet Neptune are at play be ready for a day full of giving, understanding and loving creativity.

Your Strengths: You are a born leader and efficient manager and very capable of organising and inspiring others, you have an excellent understanding of people, you can relate to people in all walks of life ,you have a great dream for humanity and you attract money from all work that is service oriented.

Your Challenges :To learn acceptance and forgiveness ,any thoughts of Revenge will backfire badly against you. You need to learn how to maintain a balance between your spiritual and philosophical outlook.

TaroLite Guidance : You must slow down on your brain and stress level if you can do it on your own very good, otherwise meditation will bring you enormous benefits, if you don’t have any idea how to begin read a book or take a class read up on concepts of the monkey mind .Learn to silence the chatter.

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