Happiness is Living Life , the way you have always imagined…

As a Libra born on 18th October, you are well known for your social analytical and loyal nature .As you greatly value reliability in your relationship, you put great effort to being a dependable person

This is a period where you will be benefiting, you will now be able to understand and see things more with clarity and mindfulness. Workwise, this is a good period and things should be going well. Love life, very positive period, love will take a turn for the better. Finances, good period to make investments, but spend wisely. Health, looks good, stop taking stress and things will go well. In all your health looks good.

TaroLite Numbers: 18/10/2018, which adds upto,21/3 ( Date total 9, sum total 3) Mars and Jupiter are at play, a day full of receiving and giving with joy and happiness. Avoid being involved in unnecessary gossip.

Your Strengths: Your a born leader, an excellent manner, you inspire others, you have an excellent understanding for people.

Your Challenges: You should learn to forgive, let go, and stop thinking about taking any kind of revenge.

TaroLite Guidance: Think positively, and the life you dream about will come to you . Stop procrastinating .



Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart…. Anthony J .D’Angelo

October 17th a Libra born ,your loyalty, intellect and social nature maybe your most defining characters. You never pass on the chance to express your unique point of view in an intelligent and clear away.

Don’t hesitate to make where you stand clear to people. Your thinking is clear and you are likely to help someone out by spelling things out for them, this period also points towards being independent and thinking for yourself. Workwise, this is a very good time for your business to flourish, a very good time in your career and job as well. Love life, if you already into a committed relationship do not hesitate to speak your mind to your beloved, it will only take your relationship to another level. Finance, You have enough to be thankful for, spend wisely invest carefully. Health wise ,do not worry about your health nothing serious has happened, do not get stressed think positive.

TaroLite Numbers: 17/10/2018, which adds upto (no 8 and sum total 20) which means Saturn and Moon are at play, learn to be in gratitude for what you have and handle your emotions well. Avoid being restless.

Your Strengths: You are highly ambitious, have excellent management skills, you are self confident.

Your Challenges: you can become obsessed with your own judgement, you can easily slip into the role of a dictator, you can be over possessive.

TaroLite Guidance: You need to share a little of what you have ,so that the flow of abundance comes into your life effortlessly.

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It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live … Marcus Aurelius

As a Libra born on 16th of October, your personality is dominated by your social and analytical nature. Your friends and family are often impressed with the way you can engage them so effortlessly, but it may be your loyalty that they appreciate the most.

In the Lite of Tarot : Things should be going very well during this period. You may still have regular moments of self doubt, unfortunately, bit more is the time to feel the fear, and do it anyway Workwise, good time to start your own business, if you are thinking of doing so. You can even be employed and start your business. This is a nice period. Love Life, if your committed don’t hesitate to speak your mind to your partner, this will only make your relationship stronger and take it to another level. Finances, money is on the upswing, be sensible with hire you use and invest this money. Think of long term. Healthwise, stop worrying about your health unnecessarily,if you feel something is eating with you physical get yourself checked than being stressed.

TaroLite Numbers: 16/10/2018, which adds upto 19/1, which means Neptune and Sun ( Date 1+6= 7, sum total 1) are ruling, your day is going to be filled with lots of energy and research based work, you need to avoid being scaristic and egoistic.

Your Strengths: You have a fine analytical mind ,you have an excellent intuition power, you are understanding and practical.

Your Challenges : You are very sensitive and feel deeply, you love to be alone and aloof, you can be very sarcastic at times.

TaroLite Guidance: By facing your fears and turning them to your advantage, you can only grow stronger , and ready to face the next obstacle in your path. Dear does not need to be your master any more.

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The past cannot be changed. The Future is in your Power.

Being a Libra born on October 15th, you are well known for your social, intellectual and loyal nature ,although you are comfortable alone with the workings of your mind, you take much more interest in a social setting. As you value dedication and reliability in relationship overall else, you take special care to possess these qualities.

In the Lite of Tarot: it is not important to waste too much time and effort thinking about the good old days you need to move forward in life best of all yours have gone by but still better is to come workwise this is an excellent time for work whatever you fancy allow your creativity to come out , this period will go better for you than you think it would. Love life, if you are in a committed relationship, try focusing on future rather than the past. Think long and hard before you start any new relationship. Finances, this is a good period for investment, money will come to you from unknown sources as well, but you also need to work hard for it. Heath, you are doing well health wise, stop being stressed and take life positively.

TaroLite Numbers: 15/10/2018, which adds upto, 18/9, which means the luxurious Venus and the very giving Mars ( Date 1+5=6, sum total 9) are at play, the day is clubbed with concentration beauty ,luxury and lots of giving and receiving. Avoid being very interfering.

Your Strengths: You are highly creative and artistic ,you have a gift for languages, commitment to relationship especially home and marriages at the forefront for you, you are generous and understanding.

Your Challenges: you are very sensitive, you can be very bossy at times, and interfering.

TaroLite Guidance: Move forward is the word, stop dwelling in the past, it may have been beautiful, but you need to make more beautiful memories.

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Abundance is not something we acquire.It is something we tune into…Wayne Dyer

As a Libra born on October 14th, you are social ,analytical and loyal individual . While your friends and family appreciate your intellect and Charm they appreciate your loyalty even more.

In the Lite of Tarot: This is a very positive period, it can mean that your material wishes will be met, make the best out of it and be sure to share what you have, even if it only a kind words spoken to someone in need. We get back what we give out. Workwise things are on an up swing even if you do not see any concrete sign of the same. Excellent period for work, things will fall in place even if it is taking a while. Love life, This is a very peaceful period, if you are in a committed relationship, your love will go to another level, you will be feeling very balanced and at peace. Enjoy the moment. Finances, you should have more than enough money to meet your needs, invest in your future and save some of what is coming in now. Healthwise, your health is on an upbeat now, health looks good. Work on keeping your health in the same manner.

TaroLite Numbers: 14/10/2018, which adds upto 17/8, which means the very adaptable Mercury and the workoholic Saturn (Date 1+4= 5,sum total 8) are at play , be ready for a day clubbed with work and travel Avoid being very judgemental, be in Gratitude.

Your Strengths: You are highly adaptable, you love change, very social, love travelling.

Your Challenges: you can get very restless, over- confident, over-indulging, you are not grounded.

TaroLite Guidance: Share peace, time and prosperity. Life is a cycle, remember what goes around comes around.

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Freedom and independence are different…

Being a Libra born on October 13th, you are characterized by your analytical and social nature. In addition to being social you are also very loyal , committing strongly to close relationships.

In the Lite of Tarot: This is a period of transformation and change. This is definitely a sign of deep transformation likely to be more internally and externally in your life .The more accepting you can be , during this time the better it is ,the less you try to control what is underway the more comfortable this period will be for you . Workwise,this period is full of change ,there may be a change in your job you need to have your plan ‘b’ ready on your to do list .You may even want to consider a change of field. Love life,if you are in a committed relationship that you are unhappy in, and you don’t want to let go off, you need to be frank with your self , and your partner as this is not a good thing to be in. If you are not happy then you need to move forward. Instead of making life miserable for both. Finances, may not be looking up right now ,but you need to understand how to deal with this coming financial problem, don’t ignore any looming problems. Things will change for the best. Healthwise, keeping your stress levels manageable is a must, in order to stay in good health now and don’t try to avoid any health issues, make sure to get enough rest. Don’t abuse your body in any manner.

TarotLite Numbers: 13/10/2018, which adds up to 16/7; which means the Workoholic Uranus and the Knowledgeable Neptune ( Date 1+3 =4, sum total 7) are at play be ready for a day full of research based work with lots of clarity. A great day for implementing any kind of work.Avoid being rigid and scarstic.

Your Strengths: you have a great love for family, you are a natural organizer, manager and you have an eye for detail. You are a workoholic.

Your Challenges: You can be stubborn, rigid and refusing to allow new creative ideas to penetrate.

TarotLite Guidance: This would be a very good time to cultivate positive attitude ,even though this could be an upsetting setting time for you. Always remember that this too shall pass ,don’t fight change allow yourself to feel what you feel.
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Letting go…Can be easier,than it seems…

As a Libra on the 12th of October, your selfless and considerate nature, maybe your strongest qualities .Your friends and family always seem to come to you with their problems. These qualities make it no surprise that your loved ones describe you as a perfect friend.

In the Lite of Tarot : You need to let go off, on an old wish or an attitude .Any sacrifice will only open up your life to something even more positive if you are willing to look at this change in a different manner ,you might serve your interest better this is period for reflecting and changing yourself. Workwise nothing much may seem to be happening, as you thought it would but this is just not happening according to your timetable,relax .. things will fall in place. Love life, if you are in committed relationship things may not really be quite good, as you are holding on to something that you need to let go off. The key to this relationship is to let go off ,small things that you are thinking about and think about the future. Finances, things may not be going very well, you need to open up the prosperity by giving a little .Doing this act will only open up the flow with you prosperity. Health wise, there’s maybe some thoughts that are disturbing you at the moment, understand that by you getting stressed, things will not get better .You need to calm yourself down so that your health remains in a positive state.

TarotLite Numbers: 12/10/2018 ,which adds up to 15/6 which means the social Jupiter and the oh very luxurious Venus ( Date 1+2= 3,sum total 6) is at play be ready for a day full of entertainment clubbed with luxury.Avoid any kind of interference with others lives.

Your Strengths: You are very artistic ,highly imaginative and quick witted, you make the best out of your situation,you were easily satisfied ,emotional,sociable and affectionate.

Your Challenges: You can be self indulgent , you waste your time on trivial matters ,you need to be more committed and disciplined.

TarotLite Guidance: make sure the ‘prophecies’ you are making about your life ,bear some resemble to the life you really wish to see.

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