Once you stop finding for what you want, you find what you need.

Born as a Gemini on the 26th of May,Your sharp wit, information-oriented mind and desire to make your ideas manifest are what make you the intense communicator you are. As a Gemini, you enjoy the ease of allowing your thoughts to flow naturally into words, and you weave them together in the most inventive ways. People are amazed at how you can talk them into doing almost anything you wish, and they often find themselves engaged in activities they never would have imagined, if not for your inspiration!

In the Lite of Tarot: This is a period where things would be going better than you thought possible it would.Workwise, if you are looking for work ,this is a period where you can find a better job.
Love life if you are in a committed relationship, then this relationship will rise to new by heights. Finances, be grateful to what you have ,your financial cycle is likely to improve. Healthwise, you should be feeling full of vitality and hopeful and optimistic about the future.

TaroLite Numbers: 26/05/2019, which adds to 7 Saturn and Neptune at its best lots of abundance with inner work and self healing and realisation,flowing at the same time .Be in gratitude.

Your Strengths: you have a good sense of money and talent for business you are realist self confidence practical and highly ambitious.

Your Challenges: You may be domineering and bossy, you need to maintain a balance between a material goals ,love and compassion. you need to maintain gratitude for all that you have been given.

TaroLite Guidance: Inner self healing is important..

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If another can easily anger you, it is because you are off balance with yourself.

As a Gemini born on May 25th, one of your strongest qualities is that of a communicator. You are aware that your talents can allow you to charm people into doing things, but your friendly demeanor keeps you from abusing this power.

In the Lite of Tarot : This  is a period  of new beginnings and a reminder that all things must end.Workwise, This is your best period don’t waste your time doing nothing. Love life,be open about , your feelings to your partner don’t give into feelings of suspicion or fear.
Finances, with regard to money the picture looks good .Healthwise, this is not a very good time where  your health is concerned, you need to be very cautious about what you are eating and how you exercise.

TaroLite Numbers: 25/05/2019. the intellectual Neptune and the beautiful Venus total 6 and theare at play a role where your intellect knowledge and organising skills will be at the peak. Lots of lovely projects ahead. Avoid spending too much time brooding.

Your strengths
You possess a sound, rational mind and keen insight. You are logical and intellectual in your approach to life. capable of investigating and a 1 researching subjects deeply. Your analytical skills force you to avoid taking anything at face value.

Your challenges
You can become easily imbalanced . which can make you aloof, critical, and — at the very worst — cynical. Do not let your intellect rule your life .

TaroLite Guidance: Meditation is important for balance in life.

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw

Being a Gemini born on May 24th, you experience the world outwardly and take most interest in those around you. You are described as witty, which is a result of your ability to instantly share your thoughts and quips with others effortlessly. People are impressed and interested in your ability communicate and you unintentionally cause others to gravitate to you.

In the Lite of Tarot: This period is an indicator to be patient a while longer ,you may have already done all you can do .  .Workwise, you are probably waiting on decisions that need to be made by others again, patience a change will be there soon Love life ,if you are in a committed relationship you need to know that, you cannot push the opposite person before they are ready. Finances, this may not be a very good period for you financially and things may not be moving at the pace that you are thinking of .Healthwise,  take one moment at a time think positively,keep plugging ahead and things are likely to be fine.

TaroLite Numbers: 24/5/2019, adds upto 5 , luxury ,beauty with change and versatility coming your way, this is what Venus and Mercury bring to you Avoid being too bossy and out of focus.

Your Strengths: You are family oriented, you love to keep harmony in relationships ,you are emotional and sensitive.

Your Challenges: You can get very melodramatic at times, you can get very bossy ,overly emotional and can be very criticizing.

TaroLite Guidance: Accept change in your life gracefully.


“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”. Arthur Ashe

As a Gemini born on May 23rd, you feel most alive when surrounded by others. Seeing the world is important to you, but interacting with it is a necessity. For this reason, conversation is your playground and words prove to be your jungle gym or sandbox. Your genuine interest in communication draws others in and makes you a highly sought after friend and companion.

In the Lite of Tarot: Your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual energy is at a peak. With kids of travel Works wise 
this is particular good omen if you are looking for work , things are about to get a lot busier. Love life, if you are in a relationship, this  period may brighten up the relationship quite a bit and become a whole lot deeper.
Finances, this period is  excellent to make investments ,follow your instincts . Health wise, your health looks well don’t stress without reasons

TaroLite Numbers 23/05/2019, the ever so changing Mercury and the rigid Uranus total 4, your in for a bright and shining period with lots of rigidity and discipline. Avoid getting into addictions.

Your Strengths: you love change and excitement and need both to feel truly alive you are highly adaptable ,you are quite affectionate and sensitive .

Your Challenges: you can sometimes shirk responsibility ,you can be over indulgent,  discipline and order is  necessary for you to be successful in life ,you can become nervous and your imagination can run out of control.

TaroLite Guidance: Stop taking stress, it won’t reduce the intensity of the situation.

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“The only thing worse than being blind is have sight and no vision.” – Helen Keller

Being a Gemini born on May 22nd, your personality is dominated by an interest in others and your talents are found in an innate ability to communicate. You can effortlessly string together words and observations that impress your peers with their accuracy and thoughtfulness. Conversation is such a pivotal part of your being that you may feel lost or incomplete if deprived for too long.

In the Lite of Tarot : You are about to see some results for your hard work and efforts.Workwise, in the context of work,  don’t expect the entire system to be changed, just ensure that your behaviour is impeccable. Love life, things maybe not be moving forward because you are thinking too much about your past. Finances, This is not really a good time to invest.
Health wise it is a very good period, do what you are doing to keep fit.

TaroLite Numbers: 22/05/2019 totals to 3 the Rigid Uranus and the creative Jupiter are at play. Discipline in work with lots of new creative idea’s , will be in store for you.Avoid being rigid learn to bend and mend.

Your Strengths : you are stable, pragmatic, down-to-earth, reliable, dependable, hard-working.

Negative Characteristics: you lack imagination, emotions and empathy.

TaroLite Guidance: keep calm let universe play it’s role.

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“The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just”. Abraham Lincoln

As a Gemini born on May 21st, you experience the world outwardly and are energized by people. Your excitement with others is reflected in thoughtful and expressive communication. Conversation is your most comfortable workspace and words are your favorite tool. These qualities make you a valued friend and companion.

In the Lite of Tarot: In this period it is a sure sign that you must look carefully at what you are clinging on to , maybe fear, maybe anxiety.? Workwise ,if you need to better your situation you must elevate yourself and understand and believe in yourself,and think of the steps you need to take.Love life, this is an excellent omen regarding love.. Finances, Work hard and you will be rewarded. Health wise, start as positive as you can.

TaroLite Numbers: 21/05/2019,sum total comes to 2, creativity, fun and frolic clubbed with lots of emotional balance and imbalance.avoid getting out of focus and not taking

Your Strengths: Your highly imaginative, quick-witted, you have great enthusiasm.

Your Challenges: Be careful not to waste time and energy on trivial matters. You can be moody and subject to rapid ups and downs.

TaroLite Guidance: Understanding yourself and not judging others makes you a better person.

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“We build too many walls and not enough bridges. ” –Isaac Newton

As a Taurus born on May 20th, your patience and loyalty are amongst your most defining qualities. While there are plenty of people who are quick to anger and get frustrated, you are not one of them. Even in the most seemingly difficult situations, you have the innate ability to keep your cool and display understanding. Above all, you devote yourself to your loved ones and their well-being.

In the Lite of Tarot : Don’t feel that you have to do it all on your own, ask for help if you need it.
Workwise, this is a good time to be involved with work in cooperation with your colleagues. Love life, this is a very positive period in your life where love is  concerned , look forward for new beginnings soon.Finances, this is a time to be conservative when it comes to financial transactions and decisions. Health will be superb nothing to worry.

TaroLite Numbers: 20/05/2019 which adds up to 1which means the Psychic Moon rules the day with energy coming from the Sun ,work playing a role , be ready for a day full of emotional ups and downs with new beginnings. Avoid postponing your work.

Your Strengths : you are very impressionable, you are good with details you are very polite affectionate and love harmony.

Your Challenges:  You are highly sensitive,you need to truly see how necessary success of any enterprise to you is  before you enter
into any project. You are very diplomatic.

TaroLite Guidance : look at the bright side of life always…